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Full Moon Closed Red Tent – Thursday 12th January

Full Moon Closed Red Tent – Wednesday 14th December

Full Moon Closed Red Tent – Monday 14th November

Full Moon Closed Red Tent – Sunday 16th October

Full Moon Open Red Tent –  Friday 16th September

The Spiral Journey Workshop, International Dryade Camp

10th – 12th June 2016, The Netherlands

Our life’s journey is a series of interconnected spirals. There is the cycle of our life stages, the seasons of the year, the phases of the moon and for those who have a womb and are in their bleeding years, the menstrual cycle.

With each of these spirals, cycles pulling us in different directions, how do we find balance?
In the workshop we will explore the phases of Pathseeker, Trailblazer, Mapmaker, Gatekeeper and how we step between them.

The Spiral Journey offers a tool for self-empowerment, developing the concept of Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman, Crone to a new level which is more relevant in our contemporary world and appropriate for women, men and transgender people.

Please see the Dryade Camp website for more information

Music workshop with Karin Chandler and Fabienne Shaw

It all began as a tiny seed at White Horse Camp 2015 when we met and recognised our shared love of singing. We snuck off to the Wellbeing Tent with Fabienne’s guitar and our songbooks, shy to sing together at first. After an hour or so, we emerged, blissed out from hearing our voices working in harmony together. The next day, we felt more confident and began to sing near the central fire. Others began to join in. By the end of the camp, more people were joining us with their voices, bagpipes, guitars and drums. It was beautiful to hear the collective awen manifesting in that way!

We hope to recreate a similar energy at Dryade Camp 2016, harnessing our musical gifts, knowledge and the awen of course. You are all welcome to join us to make unique, spontaneous music. No instruments necessary, but you are welcome to bring them if you like.

Please see the Dryade Camp website for more information

Celebrating our Sacred Sisterhood


Saturday 9th July, 10 – 3pm, Red Wisdom Hearth, NP7 8UF

Co-facilitated by Karin Chandler, Carli Porter and Amber Woodhouse

Treat yourself and the girls in your life to a magical day of sharing in circle, creating a wild flower mandala, enjoying the art of the art of henna, sacred singing, walking on the land and more. Tickets are limited – book quickly!

This is an opportunity for mothers and daughters to share some special time together, but you don’t have to be a mother or bring a girl with you – all women who see the importance of introducing girls to womanhood are welcome.

  • The day will gently introduce girls to the concept of sisterhood.
  • Together we will create a beautiful piece of mandala-art made from flowers and other natural objects.
  • There will be craft materials if you feel inspired.
  • You can relax in our Red Tent, where you can browse a library of wise women’s books. There will also be some exhibits to look at including a menarche gift box and a display about environmental menstruation.
  • You will have an opportunity to talk about menstruation with your daughter, using the displays and exhibits as a prompt.
  • Women and girls will experience the bonding that comes from sharing their stories in a safely held circle.
  • You will be come away with some beautiful henna art on your body.

You also have the opportunity to walk around the land near Walson Brook and to nourish yourself with delicious food and company, plus the chance to  chat, relax and make new friends.

The day will be very child-friendly, for girls age 8 and above.

Please get in touch with me on, ring 01600 750763 or via Facebook to book your places. You can pay by Paypal. Send me an email and I will send you an invoice.

£35 per woman

£5 per girl (age 8 – 18)

Bring and share vegetarian lunch

Teas, coffee and soft drinks will be provided.

The Deep Red Tent – Tuesday 17th November, 8 – 10.30pm

The Deep Red Tent – Monday 12th October, 8 – 10.30pm

Do you long to go deeper? If you have attended at least one event here then you are invited to strengthen your connection with others and work as a closed group over the dark months until Spring Equinox, when we will become an open group again. Working in this way is very powerful and offers huge potential for personal growth. You will also have the opportunity to hold the space if you want to take steps towards this. Please talk to me for more information and to secure your place – numbers will be limited. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).

Sister Gifts

13 Moons Women’s Festival 

September 2015, Lower Merripit Farm, Postbridge, Dartmoor,

 Red Wisdom is providing a beautiful ‘Still Womb’ retreat space at this very special women’s gathering held by Carolyn Hillyer. I will also be taking the lead on a very exciting top-secret collaborative project there!

Woman on a journey

Open Red Tent 

September, 2015. This will be the last Open Red Tent of 2015, so if you have never been here, then this is your last opportunity till Spring Equinox, as we will hold a closed tent over the winter months. This will give us the chance to build up deep bonds of trust with one another and share more deeply. The closed group will be open to anyone who has attended the group at least once.

At this tent, we will share what we want to of where we are in our lives, drink tea, sing songs and reflect on our personal harvest and areas of growth in our lives. We will also spend a little time exploring what we want from the future closed group, so bring ideas. If it is warm enough, we will sit outside around a fire. Bring snacks and songs to share, plus warm layers. Feel free to bring craft projects to progress whilst we talk. We will finish around 10.30pm.

Everyone who identifies as female or who menstruates is welcome. You must be over 18. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).

Grandmothers, Mothers and Daughters Red Tent  

July 2015. This is a very special Red Tent for regular attendees to bring their daughters and grand-daughters.  We plan to introduce our daughters to sitting in circle in The Red Tent, with the help of ceremony, a sacred fire, ceremonial cooking, henna tattooing and hot chocolate. Suggested donation £5 per family (or what you can afford).

Red roses

The Spiral Journey ~ Pathseeker, Trailblazer, Mapmaker and Gatekeeper

June 2015, £195, concessionary places available

You are invited to join a vibrant circle for a transformative weekend workshop to explore and celebrate the journey of womanhood in all its magical richness…

Learn more about yourself, others and the rhythm of life using an exciting new map The Spiral Journey ~ Pathseeker, Trailblazer, Mapmaker and Gatekeeper. This paradigm moves beyond Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman, Crone to a more inclusive place that doesn’t assume parenthood or traditional gender roles. By aligning your inner compass with the The Spiral Journey and the natural cycles of nature, you will return enriched, re-connected and bursting with joy at the wonder of the sacred feminine.

  • Supportive sharing circles
  • Fun and laughter
  • A unique paradigm for understanding our life’s journey
  • A powerful magical healing ritual
  • Craft
  • Sacred singing
  • Ceremonial cooking on a fire in a traditional roundhouse
  • Time to roam on 80 acres of beautiful land and ponder your own path
  • Delicious vegetarian food (with vegan options)
  • Sauna
  • Library of wise women’s books

Set in 80 acres of beautiful woodland at Wildways-on-the-Borle, Shropshire, we will gather in a large yurt and around ceremonial fires in a traditionally constructed Roundhouse. There will be a library of Wise Women’s books there for you to browse for the duration of the weekend.

Suitable for newcomers to women’s work and the more experienced alike, this is the chance to learn about and really integrate an exciting new blood mysteries and life paradigm with craft, song, ritual and time in nature.

Women, with and without wombs, of all ages and stages are welcome, as long as they are over 18. Small babies in arms are welcome, but the weekend is not suitable for older babies or children. Trans-women are welcome.

The weekend will have its foundation in Pagan spirituality, but the work is inclusive and women from all faiths and none are welcome. Price is £195 including accommodation and all meals. Concessionary rates for low income women are available.

Only 15 places are available so get in touch quickly to pay a deposit of £50 to secure yours. You are welcome to pay in instalments.

Red web

Red Tent ~ co-create a Nature Mandala with Amber Cooper 

June 2015. Come and sit in circle and feel the energy of the June Full Moon. Amber will lead us in co-creating a beautiful nature mandala as a tribute to the moon and the power of the Trailblazer within us all. If the weather is good we will work outside, watch the moon rise and enjoy the chatter of the nearby stream.

Please bring any colourful seasonal natural objects you have in your gardens to help create the mandala – flowers, bright leaves, twigs etc.

We will provide teas, fire and songs to share as usual. Bring delicious snacks to share. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).

MandalaRed Tent ~ Wet Felting plus ‘Mothers and Daughters’ Discussion theme

May 2015. Come and sit in circle, honour yourself and others, just after Beltane full moon. We will be wet felting hearts, led by experienced crafter, Elaine.We are all daughters, regardless of whether we are mothers or not and will be exploring the topic of ‘Mothers and Daughters’.

Please bring:
• A washing up bowl
• Towel(s)
• An apron if desired
• Rubber gloves (if you have sensitive skin)
• Any special rovings you particularly want to use

We will provide rovings, teas and songs to share! Feel free to bring delicious snacks to share. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).


Preparing your Daughter for her First Blood 

April 2015, Early bird price £30 until 31/3/15, £40 thereafter

Bring and Share vegetarian lunch

A day workshop for mothers (or grandmothers/aunts) to explore how to enable her to prepare for transition into womanhood – her first menstrual period. You will come away teeming with ideas, positivity and with a personal action plan of how to move forward. Only 10 places – so get in touch to book yours

• Reflect on your own menarche
• Engage with teachings about the women’s blood mysteries
• Explore how to honour your daughter’s menarche
• Craft a beautiful menarche gift for your daughter – a bead cycle tracking bracelet
• Sing women’s blood chants
• Explore helpful myths and stories
• Examine cultural barriers


Sing in the Spring 

March 2015. Celebrate the Spring Equinox with Pagan chanting and drumming with Karin and Ian Chandler. We will create sacred space using our voices. Spaces are limited to 18 so please book in advance. Suggested donation £6. Bring a drum if you have one. Men and women both welcome, even if you think you aren’t the world’s best singer!

Open Women’s Circle 

February 2015. You are invited to a women’s circle on the full moon at the Hearth. If the weather is good we will sit outside, with a fire to warm us and the nearby stream to inspire us with her flow. If it is rainy or very chilly, we will sit warm and snug inside the Red Wisdom Hearth itself. Bring words, songs and snacks to share. Feel free to bring any craft project with you to work on. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).


Open Women’s Circle 

January 2015. You are invited to a women’s circle on the full moon at the Hearth. If the weather is good we will sit outside, with a fire to warm us and the nearby stream to inspire us with her flow. If it is rainy or very chilly, we will sit warm and snug inside the Red Wisdom Hearth itself. Bring words, songs and snacks to share. Suggested donation £5 (or what you can afford).


Imbolc in Skenfrith workshop with Christine Watkins – Goddess, Saint and Awakening Nature 

Saturday 31st January 2014, 10 – 4pm. Early bird price £15, £20 thereafter. Please contact me on to book your place. Skenfrith Village Hall

We invite you to share a day of honouring the ancient festival of Imbolc with song, ritual, craft, poetry and walking meditation in the village of Skenfrith, Monmouthshire. Please bring wellies, warm clothes, vegetarian lunch to share, snowdrops, and poems and/or songs to share.

Teas, coffees and all materials will be provided.


Full Moon Circle – Seeding our intentions

(Monday 5th January 2015, arrive at 7.45pm, start at 8pm – approximately 10.30pm)

Come and make a pouch to seed your hopes, dreams and intentions for 2015 in the company of supportive sisters. We will be sharing, singing and drinking tea by the warmth of the hearth fire as well as meditating outside by the steam in the fire circle.

Full Moon Women’s Circle – Crafty Creativity

(Sunday 7th December 2014arrive at 7.45pm, start at 8pm – approximately 10.30pm)

Caroline's collageBring your sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, crafting etc to this circle. We hope to inspire one another with our projects whilst sharing this month’s happenings.  Scraps of fabric, ribbons and buttons will be available to use if you aren’t currently making anything. Don’t let not having a project prevent you from coming!

We will be singing and drumming too as usual and hope to enjoy an evening of warm sisterly companionship at the start of the hectic festive season. Please bring snacks to share.




Full Moon Women’s Circle – Healing your Birth Wounds

(Wednesday 8th October 2014– arrive at 7.45pm, start at 8pm – approximately 10.30pm)

HerbsSometimes giving birth does not work out how we imagine, wish or plan. This can leave us with unresolved scars which impact on our daily lives for months or years. This month’s circle provides an opportunity for deep healing. You will share your story in a supportive and safe group of women. We will then co-create a powerful healing ceremony using herbs, flowers and oils.

Please bring a handful of fresh or dried herbs, flowers or leaves from your garden or a sacred place (one for each birth you want to heal). We will mix these together ceremonially and divide it for you all to take home for further personal healing work.

Maximum 6 women to allow enough time for deep sharing. Advance booked required by emailing

Sugarloaf Mountain – Women’s Walk and Sharing Circle

(Sunday 5th October 2014, meet at 9.45am, set off at 10am until approximately 2.00pm)We will be scaling the Sugarloaf Mountain under the guidance of Carli Porter and then sitting in a sacred image_Fotorwomen’s circle at the summit. Please bring water, snacks, sensible walking shoes and warm, waterproof layers. Babies who will be happy being worn in slings are welcome; toddlers and children are not on this occasion– we want to make it to the top without our children slowing us down. Sorry if this excludes anyone.Please let me know if you are coming by emailing me on so we know to wait for you. Meet at 9.45am at the Sugarloaf carpark. Get in touch for directions.

Full Moon Women’s Circle – Henna Body Art


(Sunday 7th September 2014 arrive at 7.45pm, start at 8 pm – approximately 10.30pm)

You are invited to a women’s circle close to the full moon at the Hearth. If the weather is good we will sit outside, with a fire to warm us and the nearby stream to inspire us with her flow. If it is rainy or very chilly, we will sit warm and snug inside the Red Wisdom Hearth itself.

Henna artist Carli Porter is coming to lead us in a henna tattooing session. How exciting! Come and share your story, be this joyful or turbulent, with your sisters and sing sacred women’s songs. Bring songs to share and a drum if you want to.

Moon-pad Sewing Workshop – Druid Camp

(26th July 2014)

An informal workshop teaching you how to sew a washable menstrual pad from funky recycled cotton. We will discuss the ritual use of menstrual blood whilst we sew

Women’s sharing Circle – Druid Camp

(25th July 2014)

Come and share your story, be this joyful or turbulent in a sacred Druid women’s circle. We will be singing sacred songs, drumming and drinking a herbal brew together.

Women’s blood Mysteries Workshop – Druid Camp

(24th July 2014)

A participatory workshop enabling you to understand and explore how to utilise the sacred Druid wheel of the year in relation to the life-stages of womanhood, the blood mysteries and distinct phases of the menstrual cycle. Covering the fire festivals, cross quarter festivals, seasons, moon phases, elements and four directions.

The Red Tent at Space for You Camp

(July 2014) Sisters, come and enjoy the second year of  ‘The Red Tent’, a luxurious domed space especially designed for menstruating women with rugs, cushions and beautiful red drapes, plus an altar, library and plenty of raspberry leaf tea. All women are very welcome there wherever they are on the journey of womanhood, including trans-gender women.

Red Tent 2014 2



Women’s sharing circle – The Red Tent, Space for You Camp

(20th July 2014)

Come and share your story and explore our shared journey of womanhood in a sacred Pagan women’s circle. We will be singing sacred songs.





Yoni-craft Workshop – The Red Tent, Space for You Camp

(19th July 2014)

yonis 2Drop in and sew a yoni/cunt using lovely scraps of recycled fabric, lace, sequins and beads in the company of fabulous women.













Women’s Circle – Red Wisdom Hearth

(Friday 27th June 2014)

Open to all women from menarche, through the bleeding years to post-menopause. Come and share the stories of your womb and life in a safe, supportive circle of women of all ages. We will then share sacred songs and drink tea.

Women’s Sacred Full Moon Swim in the River Monnow

(Friday 13th June 2014)

Skenfrith Castle offers a safe spot for wild summer swimming. We will gather in the light of the full-moon and frolic like playful otters swimming in the river! Costumes optional. We will then dry off on the banks around a fire-pit and sing sacred songs and drink warming brews. Bring a towel, costume if desired, blanket, easy to put on dry clothes and camping chair/picnic rug. Extra flasks of hot water would be welcome. I will bring fire-wood and a fire-pit.

Womb Circle – Red House Hearth, Stroud

(Wednesday 11th June 2014)

Calling all Stroud women from menarche to post menopause to come and share the stories of your womb (or womb space) and life in a safe and supportive circle.

Glad-rags (washable menstrual pad) making – Red Wisdom Hearth

(Thursday 5th June 2014)

I will guide you in sewing a cotton washable ‘glad-rag’ or ‘moonpad’.  All materials will be provided, as will two sewing machines. You are welcome to hand-sew if you prefer. Extra scissors would be handy though and please bring any favourite material you want to use. This will be an informal event and will be followed by tea and cake. (Maximum number 7, advance booking only).

Opening Ritual and Women’s Circle – Red Wisdom Hearth

(Sunday 1st June 2014)

Dear women, I invite you to come and gather together and open the Summer 2014 season of Red Wisdom Hearth events! With the help of our wise ancestral grandmothers, we will set the intention for sacred women’s work to be done in this lovely space and craft a unique opening ceremony to be followed by singing, feasting and chatter. Teas will be available. Bring delicious nibbles to share.

The Red Tent at Space for You Camp & Druid Camp

(June 2013)

Red Tent 2013 x 2Sisters, come and retreat to ‘The Red Tent’, a luxurious domed space for menstruating women with rugs, cushions and beautiful red drapes, plus an altar, library and plenty of raspberry leaf tea. The tent also offers blood mysteries workshops, women’s circles, yoga, massage, meditation and ceremonies for all women wherever they are on the journey of womanhood. Trans-gender women are very welcome.



Workshops, circles and ceremonies in The Red Tent

Moon Circle

(July 2013)

Come and share your experiences of the blood mysteries with a group of sisters sitting in sacred circle.

Reclaiming your Menarche Workshop and Ceremony

(July 2013)

Come and share your menarche story in a small supportive group of women. You will travel back to discovering your first blood in a guided drum meditation and will finally celebrate this rite of passage with a larger group of women using ritual and song.

A Man’s guide to understanding the Blood Mysteries

(July 2013)

An informal session in the Red Tent with a presentation about the four phases of the menstrual cycle.

Wise Women’s Menopause Circle

(July 2013)

Calling Wise Women, both peri and post menopausal. Come and share your experience and wisdom gained with help of the Spirits of Fire.

Girls and Young Women’s circle

(July 2013)

A gentle, informal circle for post menarche girls and young women.  Share your story and make a bracelet to bond us as a group of camp sisters.