Monmouth Moon Bank

This project provides people who use the Monmouth Food Bank with much-needed menstrual products. Local women’s groups including Red Wisdom Hearth Red Tent and Monmouth Breastfeeding Support Group support the project via donations. We sew attractive fabric drawstring bags which are filled with a variety of different Natracare pads. We believe everyone deserves a little luxury and pampering whilst they are bleeding, so we slip in a little chocolate and a homemade herb sachet for a foot soak or bath.

We use Natracare products as they are organic, plastic-free, chlorine-free and compostable. We also include an information sheet about menstrual cups and washable pads, in order to raise awareness of more cost-effective and greener menstruation. We don’t provide tampons because using them runs the risk of toxic shock syndrome, which is more likely if you don’t change them regularly.

If you have no money for food then you’re certainly not going to be able to buy menstrual products, which means that you have the option of using a sock, toilet roll, newspaper or simply sitting on the loo (if you have one) for three days until the flow is manageable.

Please help us to support the project by donating money. Email Karin if you would like to make a donation or support the project: