Red Tents 2017

I have been holding Red Tents at Red Wisdom Hearth, near Skenfrith in Monmouthshire since 2014. The Hearth is located in a garden studio, surrounded by tall trees and a stream in the countryside. The room is filled with gorgeous red drapes, a sofa, rugs, cushions and lanterns, seating about 12 women. There is a library of wise women’s books to browse whilst you are here, a log-burner in the hearth, and a massive red teapot! My house is nearby with toilets and parking for approximately 8 cars. Parking for more is available up the road. We often sit outside with a fire to warm us our toes and souls.

Red Tent 5

A Red Tent is a modern Western version of a Native American ‘moon lodge’, a lodge where once upon a time, women would have gone to recharge their batteries by resting and dreaming during menstruation once a month.

Nowadays we all bleed at different times of the month, but women still come together at Red Tents to share special time together. We share food and stories of our lives. We talk about our menses, about birth, about menopause as well as any other issues in our lives we want to talk about. There is a sacred element to most Red Tents with an emphasis on our connection with the earth and moon.

What happens at a Red Tent?

In every event or circle I hold, I ensure the space is safe and inclusive. Everyone’s story is heard and valued as we travel together on our shared spiral journey, drawing upon a sacred pagan structure. We weave in ritual, craft, song, drumming, magic and cups of tea as we honour our mutual bond with others.

Who is welcome?

All women at every life stage (from age 18 to the wisest of old crones) are welcome at any of the events I hold, regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality and whether or not you are mothers or have a womb. Transgender women, genderqueer and intersex people will receive a warm welcome here. Male menstruators are also very welcome. Men may be welcome at some events – please get in touch to discuss. We love babes in arms, but alas, the space is not suitable for crawling babies or toddlers.

I use the term ‘menstruator’ when appropriate in this website to make it clear that menstruation does not exclusively belong to women and not all women menstruate. Some transgender men experience menstrual bleeding, along with people who identify as genderqueer or intersex. Others who identify as women do not menstruate due to illness, surgery, pregnancy or menopause. I am passionate about being inclusive with my work.

Invite your neighbour, grandmother, favourite volunteer at the charity shop… Let us create a strong tribe!

Suggested Donations

You are invited to make a donation of £5 to cover the cost of tea, firewood, etc and to honour the time and energy that I bring to each circle, but this is not obligatory. Please give in accordance with what you feel you have received and what you have to give. If you are on benefits or a very low income and cannot afford a donation, then that is absolutely fine. I am also happy to receive an energy exchange – snacks and flowers are welcome as is help with setting up and washing up at the end. Half of this donation goes to the Monmouth Moon Bank

Booking your place

Please get in touch with me on Facebook (Karin Chandler), by email ( or by telephone (01600 750763) if you want to come to a Red Tent so that I can plan effectively and can give you directions to get here. If you live some distance away, there may be an option to camp or stay here.

Sunday 26th February – closed Red Tent

Sunday 12th March – open Red Tent

Wednesday 5th April – open Red Tent

Wednesday 10th May – open Red Tent

Friday 9th June – open Red Tent

Sunday 9th July – open Red Tent