Mother Blessings

Hands_tummyI am delighted to be able to offer Mother Blessing ceremonies, as I absolutely love doing them! These are beautiful, spiritual ceremonies which help support a pregnant woman on her emotional, practical and spiritual journey towards birth and motherhood, be this her first or fifth baby.

I have never done two ceremonies in exactly the same way. There is a perfect shape to every ceremony for every individual woman and it is my job to find it!

The purpose of the Mother Blessing is to help the mother feel loved, empowered and prepared for the challenges to come. It also cements the bond between her and her community, so that they can support her better during the postnatal period, when she is likely to need extra help.

Typically, a small group of supportive women gather, usually at the mother’s own home. We then create sacred space by lighting candles and so forth. Then one by one, the friends gift the mother with small items from nature (shells, rocks, hers etc) to help give her confidence in natural processes. They may also bring blessings, words or songs to share with her.

Then the women usually go on to pamper and adorn the mother. There are many special ways in which we can do this:

  • Making a plaster baby-bump cast
  • Hennaing the mother’s bump
  • Making a birthing necklace together
  • Singing sacred songs
  • Making bracelets together for every person present, to honour our bonds with the mother.
  • Adorning the mother with flower garlands
  • Giving her a rose and lavender foot soak (both are safe in pregnancy) and massaging her hands and feet.
  • You have the option to include a more formal Druid or Pagan blessing if desired, requesting the blessing of the elements of air, fire, water and earth (or land, sea and sky) & from ancestral spirits and guides.
  • Some women like to acknowledge their fears about the birth or motherhood and release them in whichever way feels right to them. I have done this with fire, water and meditation.

The term Blessingway refers to a very specific Native American, Najavo ritual. I am not comfortable with cultural appropriation i.e.  importing a ceremony or custom from another culture without permission.  InsteadI strive to create original Mother Blessings, using this land and the old Celtic ways as a basis for inspiration.

CakeThe cost of the Mother Blessing includes:

  • a face-to-face two to three hour meeting with the mother to design and plan the perfect ceremony for her.
  • Writing up the shape of the ceremony for further comment.
  • Making any changes as desired.
  • Inviting guests and liaising with them (some mothers prefer to do this themselves).
  • Preparing the space for the ceremony and making it beautiful with cushions, flowers and lanterns etc.
  • Conducting the ceremony and the celebration itself.
  • Providing henna or plaster of paris as appropriate.
  • Free use of red drapes, cushions and rugs to decorate your home space.
  • Tidying up afterwards.
  • Providing a personalised booklet of the ceremony tied in ribbon as a keepsake to treasure forever.

The cost of a Mother Blessing is £150.00. I may be able to offer concessions to women on low incomes or do a skill-swap.