Miscellaneous Articles

I’ve been writing articles and blogs for a few years now. They are listed here with the first paragraph, so you can decide which articles to click the link on and read in full.

Silent Night

We all crave a little stillness and peace in the heart of midwinter, but this can seem like an impossible quest! Pressure and busyness are heaped upon us in incremental daily doses until we are virtually on our knees by Winter Solstice. We expect ourselves to buy the perfect gifts for our family, decorate our homes and mail off thoughtful Christmas card messages to all those far away friends.

Mending our Soul Wounds

Being broken can present many differently shaped wounds. Wounds of rejection, damaged identity, suppressed sexuality, unrequited love, struggle, pining, loss, missed opportunity, the loss of what we’ve never had, exhausting work, poverty and violence all have a different nature and leave diverse scars and ragged edges.

Time for another baby?

It’s a difficult one. It’s so tempting to think ‘just one more’. I myself have always been at my most broody whenever I have my own adorable young babe in my arms and I have noticed that many other mothers are the same – desperate to be pregnant again even whilst they are in the throes of early motherhood. Often broodiness dissipates once we have a stroppy toddler on our hands.

Daughters are doing it for themselves

I have always strongly encouraged my children to explore and inhabit their own bodies without any shame whatsoever. Since birth, I have used a variety of words to name their precious body parts. I simply don’t understand the dilemma of what to call a vulva or penis when talking to a young child. In my view, it’s incredibly simple – you teach them lots of words all at the same time! Children are intelligent and capable of learning two or three different languages from babyhood onwards. Why stress about whether to use ‘fanny’ (British slang for vulva) or vulva and vagina? Teach them it all, including the labia and clitoris to boot – children are clever little sponges and can soak up a massive lexicon.