On-line resources

Caroline's collageThere is a wealth of information and resources in the world offering different perspectives on menstrual empowerment. I do not necessarily agree with all the views presented on the following websites, but I believe that exploring them is an excellent way of shaping your inner wisdom which will enable you to follow your own path through the blood mysteries.

The School of Shamanic Midwifery (with Jane Hardwicke Collings) – a great resource from author and midwife Jane Hardwicke Collings offering free articles about birth, life seasons, menstruation, midwifery and understanding the cycles. (Australia)

Shamanic Midwifery UK  – Four Seasons Journey Training in 2015, UK and Europe

Cherish the Cunt  – reclaim the Anglo Saxon word ‘cunt’ and celebrate your own with craft workshops and the ‘Cunt Loving Quest’ under the guidance of Brighton based Lady Cuntlove. (UK)

Beauty in Blood  – featuring conceptual menstrual art photographs by Jen and Rob Lewis. (USA)

Vanessa Tiegs – ethereal menstrual art by Vanessa Tiegs. (USA)

Women’s Environmental Network  includes some interesting articles about the environmental and health impact of disposable menstrual wear. (UK)

The Red Tent Directory -useful directory listing Red Tents in the UK and Europe (UK)

Lara Owen – a pioneer in menstrual empowerment, her website offers free articles and other resources.  She is currently championing The Waratah Project  – well worth supporting. (Australia)

MoonTimes – selling organic moon pads, jam sponges and other menstrual goodies. Run by Rachel ‘MoonTimes’ Hertogs, menstrual activist and educator. Rachel also blogs about the menstrual cycle, runs workshops/courses and has a Facebook group ‘Ask Aunt Flo’ for all your menstrual health questions. (UK)

Worldwide Womb Blessings – bi-monthly free full moon womb blessings by Miranda Grey. Miranda also offers Moon Mother training and is the author of ‘Red Moon’, ‘The Optimised Woman’ and ‘Spiritual Messages for Women’. (UK)

The Red Web Organisation – offering events and menstrual-positive articles. (USA)

The Musuem of Menstruation – frankly, not the easiest website to navigate, but fascinating nevertheless. Started by Harry Finlay as an actual Musuem in his basement, but now functioning as an on-line museum. (USA)

ALisa Starkweather – founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement and other initiatives connected to the divine feminine. Co-producer of  Things We Don’t Talk About: Woman’s Stories from the Red Tent – a documentary film about the red tent movement in North America by Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost. (USA)

DeAnna L’am – one of the pioneers in menstrual empowerment, DeAnna offers ‘Red Tents in every Neighbourhood’ courses as well as other workshops, books and products. (USA)

The Happy Womb – some free resources are offered by woman-craft author and artist Lucy Pearce, as well as books and other products. (UK)

Yoni Shakti – yoga courses and other resources focussing on yoga and the menstrual cycle by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Uma is also the author of ‘Yoni Shakti’. (UK)

The Red School  – menstruation empowerment courses by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Alexandra is the author of ‘The Wild Genie, the healing power of menstruation’ and co-author of ‘The Pill, are you sure it’s for you?’ with Jane Bennett. (UK)

Facebook Pages and Groups 


 There are now numerous Facebook Pages and Groups which aim to empower women to embrace menstruation, the blood mysteries and sacred feminine. Most of the above websites have a Facebook counterpart. In addition you may want to check out:

Occupy Menstruation – a great resource with beautiful art work. The page now has over 23,000 likes and features ‘Wisdom Wednesday’, where blood mysteries wisdom is shared.

Red Wisdom Hearth – my own Facebook page with event listings and updates. There is also a secret Facebook group for sisters who have attended circles and workshops at the Hearth.

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