Red Tent Articles

I’ve been writing articles and blogs for a few years now. They are listed here with the first paragraph, so you can decide which articles to click the link on and read in full.

The power of sitting in circle

EmbersWe can speculate that many moons ago in ancient Druid times, the Ovate Wise Woman would have met other women quietly around a fire at night. They might have shared knowledge of the blood mysteries, the secrets of the unseen world of the spirits and the healing qualities of herbs. Across the Atlantic Ocean, Native American women would have pretty much done the same, sitting together during their bleeding time in the Moon Lodge whilst the moon was dark. Read more in

Sacred Sisterhood

henna handsSisterhood ~ such a powerful word, painting an evocative picture of diverse women bonded closely together, despite their lack of family ties. I visualise sisterhood as a mighty, invisible cloak wrapped around a group of women, keeping them safe and held beneath its collective folds.