Menarche Ceremonies

Red webWhat a fantastic way to start your life as a newly menstruating woman, in a close circle of friends and loving elders; to feel blessed and able to appreciate the universal gift of our menstrual blood. I can shape and design a bespoke menarche celebration for your daughter/niece/beloved young woman or menstruator.

Possibilities for inclusion are a sacred ceremony which links the circle with ancient ancestral grandmothers; singing women’s songs; inviting guests to give  thoughtful gifts and feasting together.

Petals floating in waterA typical ceremony costs £150.00 plus expenses which includes:

  • a face-to-face 2 to 3 hour meeting to design and plan the ceremony
  • writing up the shape of the ceremony for further comment
  • inviting guests and liaising with them
  • conducting the ceremony and celebration itself
  • free use of red drapes, cushions and rugs to decorate your home space if this is your preferred option

I do offer a sliding scale though to those on benefits and lower incomes. I am always interested in energy exchanges too.