About me

I walk the path of the apprentice wise woman with a deep passion for working with the blood mysteries. I spin words, music, ancient wisdom, contemporary feminism and a love for all humans together into my work. I love being with women, seeing how well we rise to the challenge of finding common ground and how we can admire one another’s strengths as well as offering support when we are brought low by our burdens. I value working with the continuum of birth through to death. I am an advocate for both sacred birth and death as well as the individual’s personal choice in how & where to give birth and die.

kidsI chose to give birth naturally at home and in water to three babies who are now feisty children, age 11, 9 and 8, busy with their own lives.  I am also blessed to be step-mother to Jazz, aged 27.  I live in beautiful rural South East Wales countryside, observing the moon cycles and celebrating each turn of the solar year. I love singing, textiles, writing, cooking and studying herbwyfery as well as looking after my growing family with their busy lives.

Before my mothering years, I had an eclectic career which included working in Italy, France and Portugal as well as England. Highlights included setting up a mentoring programme for adult male prisoners in a prison, teaching English as a Foreign Language, studying homeopathy, leading teams of disadvantaged young people in self-development programmes and organising art exhibitions.


I draw inspiration from many sources. Having completed the Bardic Grade with OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids), I am now studying the Ovate Grade.

I am grateful to all my supporters and ancestral grandmothers, near and far, seen and unseen, who support me in my life’s work. You know who you are.