Festival Red Tent

Red Wisdom has been providing mobile red tents for camps and festivals since 2013. We have run Red Tents at Rainbow Space for You, Rainbow Druid Camp, Carolyn Hillier’s acclaimed ‘Thirteen Moons’ Women’s Festival on Dartmoor in 2015 & Green Gathering 2017.

We can either decorate your dome or tent with saris, drapes, cushions and rugs, or bring our own 5 metre bell tent and awning and decorate this. Either way, we are experienced at making stunning spaces.

We also provide a library of books about menstruation, free organic menstrual products for anyone who is caught short and herbal tea. The space is always trans-friendly.

We are happy to provide workshops and sharing circles in the space. Some of the previous most popular workshops are ‘Preparing your daughter for menarche’, ‘Reclaiming your menarche ritual’, ‘Tools for working with your menstrual cycle’, Yoni-crafting and ‘Healing the wounds left by birth trauma’.

Please contact Karin on karin@redwisdom.co.uk to discuss the cost of booking a mobile Red Tent.

red tent 2

Red Tent 3

Red Tent
Ree Tent 4