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meWelcome to Red Wisdom, a place for honouring your unique journey. I am Karin Chandler – birth & postnatal doula, celebrant and women’s mysteries teacher based in South East Wales, UK.

My vision is that we inhabit a world where we use rites of passage and deep connection in a sacred way to enhance our life experience from birth through to death.


As a birth and postnatal doula I draw upon my ten years experience of supporting women informally with preparing for pregnancy, birth and motherhood, as well as my more recent formal training in 2015. I hold no judgment in how or where you wish to birth your baby. I present information to parents so that you can make informed choices at the same time as holding the faith that the birth will unfold beautifully. Please contact me for a no obligation consultation.

Marc and Emma 1Ceremonies

I also offer bespoke, powerful rites of passage and ceremonies including

Mother Blessings

Baby Namings/Blessings

Menarche Celebrations (including retrospective ones)

Hand-fastings and weddings


Other ceremonies

I am comfortable using either a nature-based spirituality or non-religious, humanist approach to creating these ceremonies. Together we can craft a magical ceremony that is unique and perfect for you, which you will always treasure and remember. Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation.


I am experienced at working with both mothers and daughters to prepare for menarche and menstruation on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

I am happy to travel up to an hour and a half from my home to work with you in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Monmouthshire, Powys and another parts of South Wales.

Red Tent

I work with the theme of the blood mysteries of menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause.  I hold a monthly Red Tent in line with the dark, new or full moon, as an act of service for local women on a donations basis.


I am a previous Admin on ‘Occupy Menstruation’ Facebook Page, which has an astounding 25,000 plus followers now




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  • "The menarche rite was beautifully and gently held. Since then, I feel more accepting of myself and of my blood and I feel accepted into womanhood. I now take a such a different view of my bleeding. I am more patient with myself  and I don’t just think, ‘when will it be over?’ A positive and life-changing  experience."  Frances 

  • “For the first time I feel happy about bleeding. Not tired but satisfied. It's a whole different experience.” Anonymous sister

  • "Wonderful, moving writing of the magnificent journey of woman through motherhood. You’re such an inspiring woman Karin, so pleased to know you." Grace

  • "Thank you, Karin. We need to get this message out to more women! Taboos involved with shame seem to be the hardest to break…and this is such a big one. It’s the core of abuse." Tara

  • "This is lovely. Powerful to bring attention to the way that engaging in the cycles that are in our bodies throughout our lives can help us to walk more gently with death. Thank you. " Jacqueline